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Gameplay Essentials

New & returning features offer gameplay possibilities that will excite both returning kart veterans, and new players.


This all-new addition to the Mario Kart arsenal utilizes blue boost ramps to activate your kart's glider and send you flying sky high. Steering in mid-air is vital to ensure a smooth landing.


Dive underwater to activate your propeller, which pushes you along in the depths. Steer with care—the water makes movement a bit sluggish.


Scattered throughout each track, these golden goodies will boost your speed when you collect them. Your speed maxes out when you have 10 coins. Also, the more coins you collect, the more kart parts you unlock!

Speed Boosts

Many courses are littered with orange and blue hyperspeed ramps that can send you to top speed via land or air in a flash. A skilled racer will use these to their full advantage to zoom past the competition.

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