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ANNOUNCEMENT: Mario Kart 7 Update

Published on 4/24/2012

In mid-May 2012, we will distribute an update for the Mario Kart 7 game via the Nintendo eShop.


In the Online Multiplayer mode, the tracks "Wuhu Loop," "Maka Wuhu," and "Bowser Castle 1" will have shortcut exploits permanently eliminated from their maps.

After this update goes live, only Nintendo 3DS systems that have installed the update will be able to take part in Online Multiplayer in Mario Kart 7. (Nintendo 3DS systems that have not installed the update will be unable to play Online Multiplayer mode.)

* Players can still enjoy single-player and local Multiplayer modes without installing the update.

Thank you for your cooperation and support.

For additional details on how to install the Update, please check our Consumer Support Site

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