It's a new way to race with friends.

The best part of Mario Kart 7 is getting the chance to race with your friends. With classic local and online play—plus exciting new features that let you join communities, view leaderboards, and make new friends to race with across the globe—it's by far the most social Mario Kart experience ever.

Download Play

If all your racing buddies have a Nintendo 3DS system, only one of you needs a copy of Mario Kart 7 to enjoy Download Play. All of the exciting VS. game modes are available—the only difference is that whoever doesn't have the game can only play as Shy Guy, and won't be able to customize their kart.

Multi-card Play

If each player has a copy of Mario Kart 7 and their own Nintendo 3DS system, you can hold 2-8 player matches in the Grand Prix, VS., Balloon Battle, and Coin Runners modes. Everyone can choose their own racer and custom kart for maximum racing fun on the bus, at the playground, or anywhere you like.
No matter where you are in the world, you can link up with other players for online play. You can hold 2-8 player matches in VS., Balloon Battle, or Coin Runners modes with


Worldwide online* communities, appearing for the first time in Mario Kart 7, bring players together like never before. Join a community to play whenever you like with groups without having to add them to your friend list—or create your own community and have racers play by your rules.

Right from the get-go, you'll be able to join Nintendo-created communities with their own unique rules—from speed class, kart types, or items available. Once you've won enough online matches, you'll earn the right to create your own groups.


Head to the Mario Kart Channel in your game to access a ton of awesome StreetPass™ features. This is where you can share and view ghost data from racers you pass on the street, and even share your most recent community data to recruit new members. At any time you'll see the 100 most recent players you've passed— and if they're online, you can challenge them to a race right on the spot.


Turn on SpotPass™ communication for Mario Kart 7, and you can receive 20 new ghosts to race per day while the system is in sleep mode*. This ghost data will come from novices all the way up to pro kart racers, giving you a chance to choose either a breezy match or a supreme challenge.