Race across land, air and sea in the wildest Mario Kart™ game yet!

New & returning features offer gameplay possibilities that will excite both returning kart veterans, and new players.


This all-new addition to the Mario Kart arsenal utilizes Blue boost ramps to activate your kart's glider and send you flying sky high. Steering in mid-air is vital to ensure a smooth landing.


Dive underwater to activate your propeller, which pushes you along in the depths. Steer with care—the water makes movement a bit sluggish.

Ramp Boost

Got good timing? Press the R button on your Nintendo 3DS system when laucnhing off a ramp to get a nifty speed boost the moment you hit the ground.


Scattered throughout each track, these golden goodies will boost your speed when you collect them. Your speed maxes out when you have 10 coins.

Build the ultimate racing machine.

Now, you can customize your very own kart from the ground up for each race. Express your personal style and racing preferences with a range of chassis, tires, and gliders. Bulk up with monster wheels for battle mode, or opt for slim and sleek parts to zip through Grand Prix mode—the choice is yours. As you move up in the Grand Prix, you'll unlock new kart parts.


Every race has an array of devastating items within your reach. Blast your opponents with Koopa shells, use Mushrooms for a speedy boost, and discover all-new items that will give you an edge on these tricked out tracks.